“If anything, their debut reminds me of the Coen Brothers' Blood Simple, with just a few rough elements sketching out the tragic folk and wronged lovers. Burning trailers, severed ears, hatchbacked wrecks along the highway, taps of unhooked screen doors-- these gruesome images flicker along with the entwined throats of the two singers.”

- Andy Beta, Pitchfork

"This record gets you nowhere fast, which is hardly a problem. You'll be in no hurry to leave."
- David Fricke, Rolling Stone


“Capable of making music that stumps anyone who tries to talk sensibly about it.”

- Phoenix New Times


“Should the Nashville grandees ever decide to send country music into space, the Texans’ Knife in the Water would be perfect zero-gravity ambassadors.”

- London Times


“If ever there was a little known band to be championed it’s Knife in the Water, and this record has to be heard. Find of the year.”

- Muse Ireland